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2011-03-04 00:29:12 by SniperKing90100

Well after a long time I finally made something I think is just okay enough to put up here.
It basicly toke me about ten minutes to do the orginal picture on paper, and toke about Six hours of me learn how to use the program I used ( It was Gimp which I have never used until now) and to fill in the colors I wanted, add effects, and cleaning up the picture ( I.e. get some smudges off, making the lines straight, and other stuff).

I would like to say that I doubt anyone cares or even has seen this, even if someone sees it and thinks it as crap and think they can do better ( and lets be honest most are), there is at least a small chance that they'll realize there passion ( it doesn't have to be drawing, it could be anything ) and leading them to a long, happy life then I'm happy and if someone doesn't see what I've made ( and will make ), I will not stop not for glory but for my love of drawing, of art, and all of the other thing that make my life the way it is.

After all that I bid you all a do.

Yep Still Here!

2010-10-29 21:26:59 by SniperKing90100

I've been meaning to put by doodles I've done in my spare time
(It's still crap but it's better then nothing) but the two main parts are that I'm kinda lazy [ :( ]
and that I keep on forgeting sorry guys ( gals ).

p.s. I doubt anyone gives a crud anyway.

First Posts!

2010-04-03 13:06:52 by SniperKing90100

I finally got something up and yes I know it's utter crap but this was the First stuff I have ever posted here and each toke like 10 min so I don't put it aganist you if you thinks it's lame.

If anyone want me to review a game or video just put in the name in the comments and ill do it

critic in the area

2009-12-17 16:26:25 by SniperKing90100

Don't expect me to post anything like music,art,movies,or games i'll probbly just review I normally don't give any slack so I'll completely honest reviews.

ninja snipers

2009-11-30 20:08:01 by SniperKing90100

Snipers are todays ninjas and are badass plus it's always fun to shoot a guy's balls off a mile away while trying to take a leak......